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ClearVPN got the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award

April 28, 2023

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We’re excited to announce that ClearVPN was selected as the winner of the “Mobile VPN Solution of the Year” award from the CyberSecurity Breakthrough. With over 4,000 nominations this year coming in from all over the world for the annual CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program, the competition was extremely fierce, and we’re honored to receive the recognition.

“The security of our customers is one of our top priorities at MacPaw. And we, as the ClearVPN team, are doing our best to provide a secure browsing experience while enhancing your privacy. We’re constantly improving our encryption protocols and shortcuts that address your main security concerns of everyday online journeys. It’s an honor for us to receive this award and a great motivation booster,” says Oleksandr Buchek, Senior Back-End Engineer at ClearVPN.

About the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards

The CyberSecurity Awards is divided into 19 categories, including Threat Intelligence, Detection and Prevention, Encryption, Mobile Security, etc.

The CyberSecurity Awards program is run by the Tech Breakthrough organization, leading market intelligence and recognition platform for the most innovative technology companies in the world. The organization has worked with industry-leading companies that include Cisco, Dell, Philips, Sprint, HP, Comcast, Philips, Intel, Spotify, Vodafone, Qualcomm, McAfee, Quicken and hundreds more to drive business results. Tech Breakthrough Award winners receive well-deserved recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization to help rise above the most crowded technology markets.

What makes ClearVPN a unique VPN solution

Unlike other VPNs that leave users manually choosing servers, ClearVPN focuses on users’ needs. Depending on users’ location, network status, and app activity, ClearVPN offers shortcuts that address the causes why users choose VPN in the first place. Whether they want to access content, browse securely or stay private — ClearVPN helps discover the full possibilities of every online journey. Even the ones users didn’t know existed.

ClearVPN user’s privacy concerns seriously, offering both a number of online security-related shortcuts and features like Kill Switch.

Additionally, ClearVPN has a strict no-log policy, which means the app doesn’t collect any information related to the activity of its users: no IP addresses, browsing history, DNS queries, etc.

To eliminate any security vulnerabilities and achieve a high-speed connection, ClearVPN uses its own custom protocol, in addition to IPSec IKEV2 and OpenVPN. Depending on the shortcut, regional limitations, ClearVPN automatically chooses one of the aforementioned protocols to optimize the connection while keeping it protected and private.

Congratulations to the ClearVPN Team and everyone involved in making the mobile app secure, trustful, and versatile. Finally, a heartfelt thanks to our users, who share their online journeys with us ❤️

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