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8 mindblowing AI tools (you can use today) that will save you hours

November 15, 2022

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Marius Gauken, a designer at Stacc, shared on his Twitter a selection of 8 tools that save users’ time with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. AIN.UA editorial team translated the article.

Whenever you don’t know how to continue a text, just type +++, and lex will continue it for you. also helps to create headings for texts, but works only with English.


Runway is a content creation package from the future. It has magical AI tools such as:

  • Ability to replace images with text descriptions;
  • Removing objects in the video;
  • Removing background video;


DiffusionBee is a free app for macOS to use the Stable Diffusion generative neural network. Just give the program a text prompt and it will create an image based on your text.


Providing hints for text-to-picture solutions is an art. LexicaArt is a Stable Diffusion search engine that shows you the hints that others have used to create images.

Metaphor Systems

Metaphor is a new search engine based on generative artificial intelligence. You enter a search by writing a phrase that looks like it might end in a link.


Do you need unique music for your podcast or video? Soundraw is a music generator for creators. Choose the type of music you want – genre, instruments, mood, duration, etc – and let their artificial intelligence create great songs and options for you.


Light up your existing photos and drawings with ClipDrop Relight. The tool allows you to change the location of light in an image after it has been captured, thanks to special artificial intelligence that reflects the depth of the frame.

Talk to books

Talk to books is a creative tool from Google for finding new ideas, which allows you to keep quotes from more than 100,000 books that answer your query.

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