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IdeaSoft Career Booster, a platform that provides free training in blockchain technology for developers, with the subsequent opportunity to pass interviews and receive job offers in IT companies, has been launched in Ukraine.  

The first free course, created in collaboration with Blaize and dedicated to Solana technology, is already on the platform.

Solana is a blockchain that uses a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of History (PoH). Its name translates as “history proof algorithm”, and the mechanism itself is based on adding timestamps to blocks. This allows you to determine exactly when a particular action or transaction took place.

Solana is capable of supporting more than 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) at peak load, making it the fastest blockchain currently available. For comparison, it is almost 1,000 times faster than Bitcoin (~5-7 TPS) and more than 3,000 times faster than Ethereum (~15 TPS).

Most of Solana’s blockchain applications are built on the Rust programming language, so the course also provides a complete study of this language from scratch.  Rust technology is now being used by such companies as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Huawei, Facebook and others in their server platforms.

In addition to the Rust programming language and Solana technology, other courses in the blockchain direction will appear within the IdeaSoft Career Booster.

After all, the blockchain development market is developing very rapidly. The demand for specialists significantly exceeds the supply. Therefore, blockchain companies are constantly looking for developers who own this technology. The demand is also confirmed by the level of salaries of blockchain developers, which are much higher than those of developers in other areas:

EdTech market analysis has shown that the number of existing courses that will really help to start a career as a blockchain specialist or developer is quite limited. Most of these courses do not provide the knowledge that can be applied in practice. The market lacks well-structured training materials for specialists of different levels. Therefore, developers learn from scratch and improve their skills mainly by working on more complex projects, learning from practice and from their mistakes, which can sometimes be costly for the company and the client. Therefore, the courses will be aimed at facilitating and accelerating the development of developers in blockchain and Web3, as well as reducing the entry threshold for new professionals, making it more comfortable and applicable to commercial projects.

“IdeaSoft has a strong blockchain expertise, and we know better than anyone that it is built on experienced specialists working and developing in our company. This expertise allows us to create high quality training programs based on practical experience that allow specialists to immediately use knowledge on projects. Thanks to the development of this direction and our cooperation with various ecosystems, we have the opportunity to offer the best students jobs in our company and partner companies,” explains Anna Datsenko, IdeaSoft COO.

The courses that are already available and will be further posted on the platform are suitable not only for IT specialists who want to learn additional technology or improve the current one, but also for those who want to learn the profession from scratch.

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