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Strategic Planning, Audience Research, and LinkedIn: How Tech Companies Can Attract New Customers

October 18, 2023

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The growth amidst turbulence and change presents both a challenge and an opportunity. To successfully lead a company, there is a need for tailored processes, adaptable strategies, practical tools, and risk preparedness. These were the conclusions drawn by attendees of the fifth conference in the IT Meets series, themed “Everything that Works: Marketing, Lead Generation, and Sales in IT Today.” This event took place on October 12 and saw the participation of over 150 professionals specializing in business development, sales, and marketing.

Experienced speakers who understand how to cultivate business growth amidst crises and instability shared their insights, expertise, and real-world case studies.

Marketing tools that drive business forward

Since the onset of COVID-19, companies have faced a turbulent business environment. Those that swiftly adapted and established a global presence found it more manageable to foster business growth amid the ongoing challenges, according to Yuriy Tereshchuk, Associate Director and Head of Global Marketing at N-iX. He identifies Account-Based Marketing (ABM) as a key driver of this development—a marketing strategy targeting specific high-value potential customers.

“In essence, it is the use of different approaches to targeting priority accounts through different channels: social networks, letters, various events, or publications in Western media. This is preceded by the fact that you need to know your clients well and understand what topics they are most interested in. That’s why it’s important to have properly set up processes and clearly defined goals at the company’s management level,” says Yuriy Tereshchuk.

Viktoriia Bezsmolna, CEO and editor-in-chief at Raccoon Writing, adds, “We live in an era of digital noise, so the audience has become very picky about the content they receive.”

That’s why Viktoriia advises marketing teams to delve deeper into content plans and strategies and move away from traditional corporate posts. In her opinion, they are often scrolled through without being read:

“There is a need for expert content now, and it should be tailored for specific social networks. Therefore, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the audience’s goals and preferences. For example, LinkedIn users appreciate success stories and case studies. They are already inclined towards a particular type of communication, often discussing achievements and professional experiences. They seek similar content. Additionally, uploaded video content or larger files tend to perform well on LinkedIn,” emphasizes Viktoriia Bezsmolna.

The secret to successful sales in turbulent times

Valeria Taverovska, Head of Sales Development at Basis Theory, also discussed the significance of LinkedIn in attracting new customers. A professional and effective company profile should meet the following criteria:

  • The description is a short pitch to the client and should contain the company’s value proposition. Not a general description.
  • Connection message – short, clear, and personalized. Personalization helps to start a meaningful conversation and be remembered.
  • Social selling index – use this LinkedIn tool to quantify the value of your social selling efforts.

If LinkedIn is still more influential in brand awareness, email remains one of the most effective sales channels for generating quality leads.

“The first sales email is crucial as it shapes the initial impression. It’s essential to clearly describe your services and value proposition to encourage the recipient to open the email. Don’t hesitate to highlight your accomplishments and expertise, including collaborations with clients and investors. Use straightforward language and avoid complex terminology. Exercise caution when including links; limit them to two per email. If you desire a call, don’t hesitate to request one. A well-defined call to action and subject line are paramount,” said Valeria Teverovska, Head of Sales Development, Basis Theory.

What a successful business development strategy should look like today

According to Antonina Skrypnyk, AVP of FSI Solutions and Consulting at SoftServe, companies that can adapt have the potential to turn challenges into opportunities for new achievements. She underscores the importance of maintaining continuous communication with stakeholders. This communication should encompass conveying the value of the product or service and highlighting the measures the company is taking to ensure business continuity.

In addition, an essential component of the working strategy should involve re-engaging with customers who were previously on hold.

“This is precisely what we need to do now. After all, this is a significant lead-generation channel. Our company has a remarkable example. We had been collaborating with a major European airline. When COVID-19 emerged, the aviation industry came to a standstill, and our partnership was put on hold. However, we later reinitiated contact and successfully secured a contract. It transpired that we were the first and only ones to reach out to this airline. Other tech companies had assumed that the company would not recover from the pandemic, even though they had already received multibillion-dollar aid from the government,” says Antonina Skrypnyk, AVP of FSI Solutions and Consulting, SoftServe.

The global market is rebounding and entering an active phase of investment projects. Therefore, the speakers at IT Meets emphasize the importance of being among the first to reconnect with these customers. Detailed research of the target audience, a deep understanding of your value proposition, well-established team processes, and a clear strategy will enable you to distinguish yourself from competitors.

For information about the upcoming IT Meets conference, please visit our website. Regular media partner of IT Meets: Happy Monday.

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