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IT Company Boosta turns 10 years old!

May 31, 2024

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IT Company Boosta turns 10 years old!

10 years of incredible achievements.

10 years of teamwork.

10 years of unforgettable moments.

On May 31, 2014, the IT company Boosta was founded in the kitchen of a Kyiv apartment. At that time, the co-founders, Dmytro Bondar and Yaroslav Baklan, had no idea how much they would be able to scale the company and what the future held for them. Today, Boosta celebrates its first decade!

During this time, the company has achieved significant results. Today, Boosta is an international company operating in three areas:

  • IT Products

The company creates, develops, and monetizes its own Web & Apps products. A smart combination of development and marketing allows Boosta’s projects to always be among the market leaders. Today, these include successful SEO tools (Sitechecker, CopyWritely), educational platforms (StudyHippo, RobotDon), and other services.

  • Performance Marketing

Boosta’s teams are leaders in lead generation for highly competitive niches in Eastern Europe.

  • Investment

In 2022, the company created its own investment fund, Burner. In its two years of existence, Burner has already made 8 successful investments and is ranked among the top 6 Ukrainian funds, according to AIN media.

But, first and foremost, Boosta is about people. Over 600 professionals put maximum effort daily to achieve even better results. Ambitious, bold, driven. That’s who Boosters are!

“For me, Boosta is a powerful environment, an atmosphere of constant learning and growth. It’s about openness and values not just on paper, but in daily work and in every action,” comments Svitlana Uryadnyk, Outsource Manager.

“It’s more than just a job. All my colleagues are incredibly cool. Even outside of work, we often spend time together and share interesting moments from our lives. So, first of all, Boosta is a company with a pleasant internal atmosphere,” says Illia Korzhynskyi, Flutter Developer.

“For me, Boosta is about development. I relate closely to the company’s values and am proud of its initiatives,” shares Yana Nepyivoda, Middle WordPress Developer.

Today, hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide use Boosta’s products and services worldwide, and the company’s specialists work from 30 countries. Despite the company’s international presence and the multinational nature of the current team, Boosta does not forget its Ukrainian roots: since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, there has been an internal charitable initiative — Ukrainian Victory Support. Boosta allocates 100,000 UAH monthly to cover the volunteer requests of Boostians or their relatives.

“Today, we celebrate our tenth anniversary. It’s a wonderful date and a powerful milestone, so I want to thank everyone who has been with us over these 10 years: all our team members and partners. I am convinced these are just our first ten years, as there is much more ahead. More projects, more challenges, and more achievements,” comments Iryna Makhnorilova, Deputy CEO at Boosta.

Happy Birthday, Boosta!

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