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Ukrainian designer from the occupied Energodar has created an NFT-collection

April 14, 2022

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Anna Bogdanova is a designer who lives and works in Energodar, a city that operates the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, the largest in Europe.

On April 20, the sales of her collection will be opened. Part of the funds raised will go to rebuild our country.

The collection consists of 24 sketches of this war, symbolically referring to February 24 as the day of the attack, as well as August 24, Independence Day.

Link to the site of the collection:

Link to the OpenSea of the collection:

Ukrainian designer from the occupied Energodar has created an NFT-collection - war-in-ukraine, news-en

About authors

Hi, my name is Oleg.

I’m an Odessian in the fourth generation. Hippotherapy and rehabilitation of children is work of my life. Now I’m defending my hometown in the 28th mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter March.

This is the first art created by Anna Bogdanova.

The beginning of our collection.

My name is Misha Varlamov – Co-creator, Tech lead. 9 years ago returning from school I have watched the events of the Euromaidan with my own eyes every day.

I have noticed one feature. More and more new people joined every day. But more important was the fact that their strength aspiration and cohesion became stronger with every hour spent there. Then I firmly grasped what the strength of a nation looks like and what was an our common goal.

The goal of our people – Freedom.

Hello, Denys Obushko – Idea author, Head of Communication. Today, the range of our qualities has acquired a completely different level.

The whole nation has become a single unit.

Everyone helps his brothers and sisters, whom he has never seen before. Helping disinterestedly because he knows that freedom cannot be taken away from the Ukrainians. Each of us will fight to the last drop of blood.

putin knows our qualities, and we will not be stopped by rubber truncheons, tear gas, we are not drugged by fake information from the TV, and we are never silent.

putin chose an absolutely inhuman step. What he is doing now is the complete extermination of the Ukrainian Nation.

What is our collection about?

Our collection is a part of soul of Ukrainian nation.

These are sketches of our native streets, our vision of what is happening.

Our spirit and our strength.

These are images of an invincible people who, we believe, will protect Ukraine and the world from Putin’s hand of aggression and omnipotence.

Anna Bogdanova​ – Artist, Designer and Creator of all collection.

She was drawing in Energodar, the city that provides the work for Europe’s largest Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, which currently has been captured by the Russian army.

It is hard to buy something in grocery store in Energodar. It is hard to buy drinking water. But she found a  willpower to create flamboyant arts. Now, people all over the world could see what is happening in Ukraine looking at them. The point of view of Artist who lives in a war. And know how it smells, tastes and looks.


We are part of a large mechanism and we sincerely pray and do everything to win. And we add one more permanent purpose – to Survive. Our team does not have CEO. We have common goals. We are not afraid of death. We are afraid that our Freedom will be taken away from us.

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